Mens Yeast Infection Symptoms

Sorry fellows that we have neglected you for so long in regard to letting you know about mens yeast infection symptoms. Chronic yeast overgrowth has not been adequately recognized by main stream medicine for anyone, men, women or children. But even holistic, natural healers may recognize yeast infections in women and children more quickly than they do in men.

So here’s to you men! Let’s get enlightened about the yeast overgrowth problem and kick those little critters back into their proper place in your body.

The first obvious sign of yeast infection problems may pop out as a groin rash (jock itch). The yeast love to grow in those moist dark places, especially in the folds of the skin that develop with Dunlap syndrome, “my belly dunlapped over my belt”.

As the fungal organisms become more established in your system even your toenails may be affected as they turn yellow and thick from fungal infection

But the cause of these rashes probably lurks deeper in the body. The main yeast overgrowth generally occurs in the gastrointestinal tract where the yeast metabolize your food into 79 or more chemicals that put a stress on your body, including the immune system.

Since your immune system has to battle that constant influx of yeast toxins it may not have enough resources left to control the yeast or fungal organisms that invade your skin and so you develop those uncomfortable rashes.

To make matters worse the gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth unleashes a plethora of GI symptoms like heartburn, diarrhea or constipation, or alternating diarrhea-constipation. Then there’s that uncomfortable (and sometimes embarrassing) gas erupting as belches, bloating or flatulence. Even the anus may develop a sore itchy rash as well.

In the male genital tract yeast may manifest as a rash on the penis. Occasionally a yeast inflammation in the urethra may cause burning on urination but men generally do not have a discharge when yeast cause the urethritis.

As the disruptive influence of yeast progresses, the hormonal system can be knocked out of balance causing impotence, a frustrating problem to say the least.

The prostate can be a target for the yeast infections as well.

In men recurring prostatitis becomes very suspicious for yeast overgrowth. Prostatitis is often treated with antibiotics thinking that it’s caused by bacteria. The antibiotics may relieve the symptoms of prostatitis for awhile but if the inflammation returns yeast organisms are probably lurking about in the prostate.

Since the yeast problem is not easily recognized the prostate problem is often treated with another round of antibiotics. Although antibiotics can be helpful and even life-saving at times, they are very nonspecific. They not only kill off the unfriendly organisms but also kill off friendly organisms that help keep the bad guys in check.

As the vicious cycle of more antibiotics creating more yeast overgrowth perpetuates a fellow can develop more systemic symptoms of yeast overgrowth. That’s when low energy, irritability and “brain fog” manifest.

And if you had sugar and or alcohol cravings before, they intensify now because somehow those tiny little yeast critters make you crave what they love to eat which only keeps the vicious cycle going.

But never fear. You can overcome those critters and get rid of all of those mens yeast infection symptoms. That’s what this book, Overcoming Yeast Infection is all about. You will have access to all the secrets to conquering those yeast problems in the fastest way possible using holistic doctor researched and tested techniques.

Dr. Jo

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