How Did I Get This Yeast Infection?

The yeast infection problem may gradually sneak up on us until all of a sudden we discover we’re feeling pretty miserable. Maybe you have a red sore and itchy rash somewhere, usually in the folds of the body or those tender private parts. On top of that your gut may be giving you fits, you’re tired and cranky and sometimes you feel spacey.

You’ve probably done your research and you’re suspecting you have a yeast infection. How did you become a victim of this little micro-organism?

But wait a minute! Are you really a victim?

Most likely not because although unaware, you created an environment in your body that the yeast really likes and so it’s having a big party in your body.

Hey, I did that myself and made a big mess of my health until I discovered how to outsmart those little yeasty beasties. When you learn how to get those guys under control, you can become healthier than you ever have been in the past because you know what it takes to live in a healthy body and prevent other degenerative diseases.

These yeast organisms really don’t cause yeast infections like we think of when we catch a cold virus or Strep throat. For you see they live in our bodies all the time, mainly in the gastrointestinal tract. In the right balance with the other organisms in the gut, they cause no problems.

But we come along and throw the gut out of balance by eating sweets, soft drinks, perhaps alcohol and refined carbohydrates (white flour products, cookies, cakes, white bread, doughnuts, and the list goes on and on). The yeast gobbles up those death foods producing yeast by-products in great abundance. This yeast “poop and pee” floods into our bodies, overwhelming the liver and kidney’s ability to excrete them. So we start feeling pretty lousy.

The yeast has other helpers too.

Eating sweets suppresses our immune system’s ability to fight off infections. When an infection takes hold, off we go to the doctor for a prescription for antibiotics. The antibiotic may kill the bacteria that caused the infection but it also kills off the good bacteria in your intestines that help keep the yeast in check. With those bacterial cops gone, the yeast can multiply even faster.

Sometimes the bacterial infection keeps recurring and we get into that vicious cycle of antibiotics, recurrent infection, more antibiotics. Lots of folks have fallen into the yeast overgrowth problem because of recurrent bladder, prostate, sinus or ear infections. Once the yeast involvement in this vicious cycle is recognized we can step out of the cycle and head up towards wellness.

Other yeast overgrowth helpers include cortisone, birth control pills, pregnancy, stress and lack of sleep.

Are you beginning to see that yeast are normal occupants of our bodies, but they overgrow when we create the environment they like? They’re not really outside invaders. So we should call this situation a yeast overgrowth problem instead of yeast infection. But since many folks have become accustomed to saying yeast infection we will continue to use that term for now.
Here’s the good news. You’re smarter than those yeast critters. You can create so much health in your body that you whip them back into their proper place so they can once again be helpful instead of harmful.

Enjoy your journey to Overcoming Yeast Infection. I’m here to help you all the way.


Dr. Jo

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